Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Working Toward the March Show

I am calling this one Joy Ride. Our Gondolier has no passengers; they messed with my plans to feature the boatman. Today I concerned myself with the architecture in the background; I worried about over-rendering and rendering badly (to me, both drawing issues). As I worked, I saw that what looks ornate can be a simple pattern. In addressing the architecture and the background, I also want to stay lose so I can feature Mr. Studley in the foreground there.


  1. So the first version of this is found in January's post called Alice. I hope I don't regret offing those tourists.

  2. I really like this so far! Your show is going to be fabulous... and I agree with you keeping the background loose so you can highlight Mr. Studley. I think a busy detailed full background would draw the focus away from his sexiness for sure. Keep painting sister!!!!