Saturday, February 13, 2010

Venezia Revisited

In order to make more work for myself, I decided to change the direction of the Italy series. This occurred to me as I was bored with the most recent piece in the group. It was just nice and maybe even nice enough. However, it was the same style, the same content and the same format as the older paintings. And I was bored.
So, In order to revisit Venice properly, I want to approach it with a different perspective. The show is to be a then-and-now type affair. It was shaping up to be a then-and-more-then type thing. Here is the plan; I am changing the format and the process; 10 x10 canvases and quick, timed painting sessions (this should influence the style, which is hard to dictate because of the default style). I am also using my references in a different way too--croppier. (!)
I toned all of my canvases first.

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