Thursday, December 20, 2007

That Vargas Girl

Remember when I started this portrait commission? Me either. I am back in the studio and have actually put some paint to canvas. This piece had a holiday deadline but it was extended. Because I'm leaving this weekend, I think I may just wrap it up ASAP.

The Closing Reception of "2 from the Ark"

This was a lovely event. My favorite people were there to support me and I always appreciate that! For this event I made small prints of my work and was happy to see folks buy some. My goals for this spring involve selling prints of new work and old on the fair circuit. In the month that I have been absent from this here blog, I've been goofing off and brainstorming about what comes next. I have exciting plans for the spring.

Side work

I did a little side work last week. the company that built my apartment complex was in need of a back drop for it's holiday party. So, I painted a 23'x 8'wall -they supplied the design.