Friday, November 2, 2007

Blast off?

I have two images of a resting gondolier. It is so different than it's beginnings. Still needs work. It's the last piece besides my self portrait which I'll post next time


  1. Have fun this weekend! You've worked hard and deserve it!

  2. I really enjoy the way you used light on the water to make the scene even more serene. It is great that you can create movement just by using shadows and different hues. Also I think it’s interesting how much the perspective changes from the first picture to the second; by adding more shadows in the water the point of view moved from above to almost right on the water. I think this was a great way to draw the person viewing the painting into the scene and feel the atmosphere.

  3. First, I want to say how interesting it is to see the way your works have evolved each time and to notice the changes that occur. I noticed in your Italian Series that you have a painting entitled The Napping Gondolier and one of The Gondolier's Nap. So I was curious why you have two similar yet individual subjects? Was one a re-creation of the other painted over? Also, I like the intensity of the red seat in The Napping Gondolier; I think it helps make the subject stand out against the blue-green hues of the surrounding water.