Thursday, October 25, 2007

T-minus Seven

Oh, the time does fly! I have been so busy that I've neglected to post each painting session. A note about the time line: I have set Nov. 1 as my deadline date but the exhibit for the new work gets hung on the 5th and opens on the 11th. I have a few extra days to work. I finished my gondola couple, began a self portrait and another gondolier based on the same reference for the gondolier that I began back in August. I did this because the original sold (yeah!) and may not show up for the exhibit. Another note: The goal was 10 new pieces. I have 7 pieces in my studio and one out in the world. I may start a ninth before the exhibit. As it stands, there will be 8 new completed paintings. Not bad.


  1. I think that this painting is really cool and uses lots of cool colors. Although how come the the boat is on the left side of the painting and on the other ones it is on the right side. Also, how come there is man in the left painting but not in any of the others. I really like it with the man in it and I think that it makes the painting better.