Tuesday, July 20, 2010

This Painting Needs a Title

I am just a few strokes away from signing this piece. I need a title, something more charming than, Back view of Woman with Guitar Morphing out of Her Back with Cigar. I am pleased with the transition from flesh to wood on the left . I had a distinct edge on the guitar until an observer commented that he would make the transition softer. So I did and I like it very much. I've taken many suggestions for this piece and they have all been useful.
Anyhow, the fabric and the cushion in the background are on the final punch list. The requirements for the fabric are lose and expressive.


  1. Eileen, My girlfriend and I have just stumbled upon your painting and we love it. We'd like to offer some ideas for the name and would like to acquire maybe, a print for our new bedroom.

    'Highly Strung' or,.. 'Who played who?',..

    Cheers en that. &

  2. Gypsy Queen...

  3. Sometimes a guitar is just a guitar...

  4. Do you have prints of this for sale because I love this painting!!

  5. Do you have prints available because I love this painting!?