Friday, September 21, 2007

T- Minus 40

I continued to work on putting color down, then reacting to it, then placing the next color, etc. At some point the whole canvas surface became adjacent to the last color applied so I shifted my style to what I am going to refer to as The Plow. Now I have a piece on the brink of completion. So, I think I'll use these two systems on the next piece. I think it's about the starting point. The starting point will be the most complex, the most interesting and the most difficult part of the painting. And essentially, it's the fun stuff that I want to dive into anyway(faces, hands, feet, brilliant colors-whatever). After that, I can engage The Plow. I will return to this piece I'm sharing today with a low-impact approach so I can finish with a little finesse. We'll see. I might be making this all up.

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